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Dec 23

Local Gems

We've felt extremely grateful to have so many wonderful small businesses in Littleton and the surrounding towns. If you're someone who likes to get creative when it comes to birthday presents and holiday shopping, our favorite local businesses can...

Sep 11

Halloween is on the Way & So Is All The Halloween Candy That Comes With It

Every year, towns all across the country celebrate Halloween. Children trick or treating in their costumes, parents having parties for family and friends, and people doing DIY haunted houses in their garage. This time of year, it's time to start...

Jun 29

12 Things You May Not Know About Jelly Beans

Candy in general is an American favorite, but there are some fan favorites. Fudge, m&m’s, and jelly beans are a few that have stood the test of time and become as iconic and American as apple pie. Chutters Candy Counter, known worldwide as the...

Jun 14

m&m's: The History and Timeline

In 1911, Frank Mars founded Mars Incorporated in Newark, New Jersey. When Frank was ready to retire, he decided to pass the company on to his son Forrest. To help himself prepare for the responsibility, Forrest traveled Europe to gain insight on the...

Jun 14

Oh Fudge! What Came First? The Confection? Or the Verb?

At Chutters, our homemade fudge is a family favorite that dates back to decades of pure, New Hampshire tradition. Fudge can be made in many ways, at varying complexities and flavor profiles. Unlike other desserts that date back thousands of years,...

Apr 18

Chutters Candy Counter Featured On NHPR's 'Morning Edition'

Mar 06

Top 9 Things To Do During Mud Season In The White Mountains 

“Mud season” is a transition time in the White Mountains, usually ranging from early April until Memorial Day weekend in May. The winter is winding down and it’s right before things pick back up for summer. Many places in the area are small...

Jan 03

Main St. Dining (or close to it) for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Littleton

Whether you’re visiting Littleton, NH for a day or a week, at some point you’re going to need to find a place to eat. Fortunately, Littleton is home to great dining and drinking establishments for couples, families, friends and other...

Jan 03

Plan a Fat Biking Adventure in Littleton

Mountain biking doesn’t get much better than in and around Littleton, NH. There are serious mountain biking trail networks just ten minutes south in Franconia, NH as well as a bit north at Bretton Woods. But the town of Littleton itself is home to...

Jan 03

Music on Main Street, a Unique Littleton NH Experience

Be honest now: have you ever put your headphones in, set your I-Pod to some uplifting, adrenaline-pumping song, and power-walked down the road like a hero in an action flick? (Complete with cars exploding behind you, not that you deign to look...