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Jan 03

Gathering of the Jack O’ Lanterns in Littleton, NH

*Please note that the 2021 Gathering of the Jack O’ Lanterns is scheduled for Saturday, October 30th. Stay tuned for more information to come. The following event details are from 2018, and therefore not updated for the current year. 

One of...

Jan 03

Littleton Farmers’ Market Opens for the 2017 Season!

Summer is fast approaching and with sunshine and warmer weather comes the reopening of theLittleton Farmers’ Marketthis Sunday, June 4 from 10 am to 1 pm.

Jan 03

Top 9 Things To Do During Mud Season In The White Mountains

“Mud season” is a transition time in the mountains, usually ranging from early April until Memorial Day weekend in May. The winter is winding down and it’s right before things pick back up for summer. Many places in the area are small businesses...

Jan 03

Non-skiers Guide to the White Mountains – Lincoln and North Woodstock

There’s always one or two in every bunch, the folks who don’t ski. Generally, you happily set up shop in the base lodge with a good book and a warm beverage but not anymore! Here’s the insider’s scoop to all the things for the non-skiers in the...

Jan 03

Non-skiers Guide to Littleton, NH

Above the notch or below, there’s always a few of those folks who don’t ski and they're left wondering about what to do if you don't ski. Maybe it’s too cold, maybe it’s not your thing. If your family and friends are skiing at Loon Mountain or...