Oct 24

Candy Pairings Kids and Adults Will Love

Does a love of candy ever age? We don’t think so… but we may be slightly biased given that we sell it. That being said, we realize that you may want to try a new flavor combination or are hoping to enjoy your favorites differently as you age. No...

Feb 06

The Best Valentine's Day To Give Your Sweetheart

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is one of Chutters’ favorite holidays. Locals and visitors alike travel to our candy counter to pick up homemade fudge and chocolates and scouring the candy counter for favorites both old fashioned and new. Gift...

Jan 04

The Science of Taste: How Do We Taste Our Favorite Candies?

Every day, the team at Chutters watches visitors walk in the magenta and purple storefront and leave with their favorite confections. They choose from hundreds of hard candies, gummies, and handcrafted chocolates selecting a few classics and maybe...

Dec 26

The Invention and 'RE'invention of Malt Balls

All over the world, malt balls are a favorite for older candy fans and younger ones alike. While some people may think malt balls are a candy of the past, it still hits the list for top 25 Halloween candies and a popular movie theater classic....

Dec 20

Chutters Approved Best Desserts in Littleton

-Places to get dinner and dessert, places to get breakfast pastries, take-out desserts, making desserts at home using locally purchased candy, etc.

Sep 11

Halloween is on the Way & So Is All The Halloween Candy That Comes With It

Every year, towns all across the country celebrate Halloween. Children trick or treating in their costumes, parents having parties for family and friends, and people doing DIY haunted houses in their garage. This time of year, it's time to start...

Aug 10

Chutters' guide to Chocolate Truffles

In Littleton, NH, there is a wonderful place called “Chutters Candy Counter” that is known for having the longest candy counter in the world. In addition to the dozens of candy options, Chutters also sells homemade fudge, chocolate, and truffles....

Aug 08

11 Things to Know About Gummy Bears

Over the past century, gummy bears have been an international favorite! Fans of the gummy bear have made 26 pound versions, clothing, art, and food recipes around around this gelatin confection. The gummy bear is only four years away from its 100th...

Aug 06

Did You Know? British Colonists Used Maple as A Sugar Substitute

Maple syrup, the original New England candy, is the product of sap from the region’s maple tree. Throughout the year, locals harvest maple sap and turn it into all kinds of delicious treats. Syrup is created by filtering the sap and boiling it until...

Jun 29

12 Things You May Not Know About Jelly Beans

Candy in general is an American favorite, but there are some fan favorites. Fudge, m&m’s, and jelly beans are a few that have stood the test of time and become as iconic and American as apple pie. Chutters Candy Counter, known worldwide as the...