The Invention and 'RE'invention of Malt Balls

By Kelsie Collins| December 26, 2018 | Candy

All over the world, malt balls are a favorite for older candy fans and younger ones alike. While some people may think malt balls are a candy of the past, it still hits the list for top 25 Halloween candies and a popular movie theater classic. From the original chocolate flavor, to more zany flavors like blueberry, malt balls are a delicious confection enjoyed by millions all over the world. How was the malt ball invented? What fun facts are out there about the candy? How can malt balls be reinvented into new, unique desserts? We answer this and more in this awesome guide to chocolate malt balls!

flavored malt balls

The Invention of the Malt Ball

1887: Malted milk was invented by William Horlick in 1887

  • At the time, Horlick planned on selling it as a health food

  • Malted milk then became a popular household sweetener

1936: Malt balls were invented in England by Forrest Malt

1939: The candy (named Giants) officially crossed the pond over into the USA

1949: These popular malt balls were renamed “Whoppers”

1952: Whoppers began selling in the milk carton box that they’re sold in today

1996: Whoppers were purchased by Hershey Foods Corporation

Top 5 Fun Malt Balls Facts

malt balls at chutters candy counter

  1. Whoppers are sold in 3 flavors - original chocolate, strawberry milkshake, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

  2. You can make your own malt balls with just 3 ingredients - white chocolate, malted milk, and semisweet chocolate

  3. Maltesers, owned by Mars Inc, are the most popular malt balls in the United Kingdom and they are made in Australia

  4. Interested to see if Whoppers and Maltesers are just about the same? Watch this video to find out!

  5. Chutters Candy Counter has over 10 different flavors of malt balls, including: mint, blueberry, peanut butter, chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate, the “ultimate” malt balls, etc. The flavors rotate often, so call Chutters to make sure your favorite malt balls are on the shelf! 

Malt Balls Themed Desserts!

Want to do something fun with your recently bought, uniquely flavored malt balls from Chutters? Here are a few of our favorite recipes that include this delicious confection.

Well, there you have it! These malt ball desserts would be perfect for your next upcoming holiday party, or just to sit at home and eat by yourself. Bring the family to Chutters, the world’s longest candy counter, to grab your fill of several flavors of malt balls. If the kids aren’t as into malt balls, there are dozens of other candy choices too. Visit us and try homemade fudge, truffles, locally made maple candy, and more. If you’d like to continue seeing information about Chutters, candies, and downtown Littleton, subscribe to our newsletter!

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