Discover Littleton By Bike!

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Did you know that the joint area of Littleton, Bethlehem and Franconia has recently been nationally recognized as a Bike Friendly Community? It’s true! The League of American Bicyclists has given this status to our area until 2026 (at which point we’re positive it will be renewed) and there are many reasons why. Littleton and the surrounding towns have worked tirelessly (no pun intended!) to make biking in our area safe and fun. 

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Let’s get into how you can enjoy our beautiful little town and beyond by riding a bike. 

Know the rules

We know, we know… starting with rules isn’t always the most exciting, but it is important. If you’ve been downtown Littleton, you’ve likely seen posters titled North Country Bike Etiquette funded by The Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund of New Hampshire and there are some really top-notch tips every biker should observe. Here are some of our favorites: 

  1. Know your hand signals - Need to familiarize yourself with hand signals? The basics are left turn, right turn, and stop. You can learn them here. These are especially important when you’re riding downtown and sharing the road with many other people.

  2. Be visible and protected - Bright colors and helmets are your friends when it comes to biking. A safety vest in neon is a good pick if you want to ensure that others see you and protective headgear can save your life in the event of a collision.

  3. Ride with traffic - It may sound a bit odd to consider yourself as a vehicle, but when you’re on a bicycle, you most certainly are and you should ride as such.

  4. Leave no trace - Hikers are familiar with this one, but it’s a good practice for anyone using trails. Take your trash with you so that everyone can experience our area as it was meant to be seen. 

Prepare in advance

Depending on the type of bicyclist you are, the course of your ride will change. If you’re a casual biker, you could plan a trip centered around hearing live music and delicious libations and cuisine (we have a lot of that here). If you’re more nature-focused, map your route and pack necessities that will ensure your safety if you run up against weather or other unforeseen situations. 

Either type of rider should consider employing saddle bags for store bought treasures found along the way. You never know when you’ll want to take a piece of the area home forever. 

A great resource is Bike Borderlands. Here you'll find all kinds of helpful information on exploring our area by bike.


Review your trail options

Our area has premium local trail networks. Some favorites are:

  1. The PRKR MTN Trails that can be accessed at the top of School Street. By the way, these trails are multi-use, so in the winter, you can also take advantage of the option to snowshoe there. 

  2. The nearby Bethlehem Trails Association trails which are being added to all the time. It should be noted that since this is a developing trail network, the best way to learn about which route would work well for you is by checking out their digital map.

  3. The mountain biking favorite, Franconia Area NEMBA. This one is perfect if you’re in search of a biking experience that can be combined with a swimming one. Echo Lake is not to be missed!

Littleton Bike Shop

Get your gear

If your rig or gear is a bit old or you’re just starting out, take a trip to the Littleton Bike & Fitness. They have everything from mountain and electric bikes to fitness and kids’ bikes for sale, plus parts, accessories, and clothing. Oh, and if you’re just here visiting, consider their rentals

That just made packing easier, didn’t it?


Find your community

Bethlehem Trails Association (BTA), PRKR MTN, and Franconia Area NEMBA came together to form TRICYCLE. While their primary purpose is to standardize and improve the local trails, they also are responsible for some of the best events centered around biking. You can take a look at the area bike events here on their calendar. Beyond those, they play host to a yearly movie night, Trike Fest, and more!

Biking in downtown Littleton and the surrounding towns is a treat. We hope you come to experience it for yourself soon!