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Before making your way down the candy counter you'll need to stock up on provisions. Get your fill of M&M's while you're here.
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The Candy Counter

Choose from over 500 different types of candy along our candy counter! Learn More
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You're Doing Great

You have come a long way - but there is still plenty of candy store for you to explore! Do not grow weary yet - continue on! Learn More
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The Home Stretch

You have made it through more than half of the World's Longest Candy Counter... The history books will surely herald of this great feat! Learn More
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The Finish Line

You truly are no ordinary human. You have now traveled the entire length of the longest candy country known to Man. Learn More
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But Wait, There's More!

Ahh.. I see you have a taste for more than just candy. Chutters is the home of many gifts - come see what we have to offer!
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The Gift Shop

Mom and Dad need a reason to stop by Chutters too. In this region of the Chutters world you will find candles, hot sauce, and much more!
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Chocolate Paradise

Gourmet chocolates and homemade fudge. There's no easier way to someone's heart than getting them their favorite chocolate from Chutters! Learn More
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Traveller's Takeaways

Anyone who's brave enough to venture through the White Mountains and not come back with a badge of their great feat lacks common sense. Look through our shirts, postcards, and other knickknacks as a mark of your bravery back in the lowlands.