Where to Buy Music in Littleton

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Now that the winter holiday season is well behind us, it can be easy to let the cold weather doldrums win. The days are short, the temperatures have dropped, and the trees are sleeping, dreaming of spring. 

Of course, the Littleton area has lots of outdoor activities to perk you up, but when nighttime comes or the weather is dreary, there’s something else you can do to boost your mood. Listen to music!  

Science has proven that music can reduce stress and help improve people’s lives. Luckily, there are some wonderful shops in downtown Littleton where you can find some tunes to tune up your state of mind!

Ready for the list? 


The BAD Art Gallery and Mr. Puppy's Tasty Vinyl 

The BAD Art Gallery is a must-visit, no matter how many times you’ve come to Littleton. They have tons of CDs and tapes but also offer you the option to pick up a record from Mr. Puppys Tasty Vinyl. The CDs and tapes are remarkably affordable, usually under $5! 

This is a great spot to pick up some music you’ve been missing from yesteryear, or new-to-you records you’ve been eyeing.

Don’t be surprised if you leave with a stack and possibly an offbeat painting that calls your name. 

Address: 35 Mill Street, Suite B, Littleton, New Hampshire

Phone: 603-854-1498
Website: Facebook.com/BADARTGALLERY 

Northern Lights Music

There’s nothing like making your own music and family-owned and operated Northern Lights Music can help you get there. 

Ben, Moocho, Asher, and Dan Salomon sell both acoustic (Bourgeois. Santa Cruz, Collings, Taylor, Lowden, National, Kamaka Hawaii, Klos Carbon Fiber, and WolfSong) and electric (Collings, Fender Custom Shop, Fender USA & MIM, Alembic, and Fender Bass) along with all the accessories you might need. Their selection of new and used guitars, all of the highest quality, is unrivaled. 

If you’re a musician, this will likely become a favorite haunt. 

You can learn more about this business that has been continuously operating since 1978 as well as other interesting music-driven places in this video about Littleton from the NH Chronicle. 

Address: 57 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire

Phone: 603-444-7776

Website: Northernlightsmusic.com 


L Modern Antiques

We’ll say it…L Modern Antiques is just awesome. Given that it’s packed full of mid century modern furniture and other decor, you may not think of it for music, but it’s there. 

This is a top option if you’re looking for 80s and 90s music on 45s. Snag some music from the past and a set of wine glasses from the 50s or 60s and enjoy a vintage style night in!

Address: 35 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire

Phone: 603-259-3125

Website: https://www.facebook.com/MidModLiving/ 


Little City Thrift Store

While it may not be obvious, you can find quite a large selection of second-hand music at the local favorite, the Little City Thrift Store. Just walk in and head to the back to start browsing! 

While you’re there, you can also pick up a new outfit, a pair of funky boots, a lampshade with a funny face, or even a tea set. You’ll never know what you’ll find and that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

Address: 4 Porter Street, Littleton, New Hampshire

Phone: 603-444-3100

Website: Facebook.com/p/Little-City-Thrift-Store-100064809903554 

The Loading Dock live music

The Loading Dock

Need to get out of the house and want to hear some live music? Visit The Loading Dock! 

This non-profit music destination is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to check out up-and-coming acts with loads of talent. Go to the shows and buy some music from the musicians to enjoy later! 

Here’s a blog about one of the recent shows by the band, What?

Address: 35 Mill Street, Suite D, Littleton, New Hampshire

Phone: 603-259-6054

Website: Theloadingdocknh.com 

There’s no shortage of places to buy and experience music in Littleton and that’s music to our ears! We’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right downtown.