How to Deck Your Home in Littleton Style

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As we move into the cozy season and spend increasing hours indoors, wouldn’t you like to enjoy that time more? You don’t have to go very far to make it happen! Littleton has many shops to bring unparalleled charm to your interiors. 

Want to learn more? We’re glad… because we’re ready to tell you exactly where to snag up everything you need for bringing that hygge vibe close to home.

“Hygge is about taking time away from the daily rush to be together with people you care about - or even by yourself - to relax and enjoy life's quieter pleasures.”Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark


Interiors Green 

Whether you’re looking to update your bedding, paint, or plaster or add some special touches to your kitchen or living room, Interiors Green is the natural way to do it. We dare you to take a look at these balsam pillows and tell us you’re not in love… 

Address: 17 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire



Bring home a stunning piece of artwork from local photographer Shaun Terhune to add to your wall decor. "Shaun’s art is vibrant, featuring prominent foreground landscape elements and wide-view wildlife compositions. There’s something for every outdoor & art lover to enjoy."

Address: 39 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire

The Little Herb Shop 

Winter can be tough on your health. Maximize calmness by choosing herbs, teas, spices, oils, and salves from a local, trusted vendor. They even have products that can help you reduce your stress and anxiety!

Address: 19 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire


L Modern Antiques 

At the moment, there’s no hotter trend than mid-century modern and there’s no better place than L Modern Antiques to find it. They have everything from that time including furniture to die for, inspirational lighting, unique art, classic vinyl, divine plates, and stellar cups. The only limitation will be your wallet, so save your pennies and make the trip! 

Address: 35 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire
Website: Facebook Page  

Purple Peacock 

When it comes to a special accent piece, you simply must visit the Purple Peacock. You’ll find all sorts of treasures like vintage gramophones, stunning vases, funky electric beer signs and so much more! Their Facebook page is especially helpful if you’d like a better idea of what they have to offer. 

Address: 49 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire

League of NH Craftsmen Littleton Fine Art Gallery

This gallery is known for sweet and uncommon gifts, but who says you don’t deserve to reserve one for yourself every so often? There are works of art here that you simply can’t find elsewhere. For example, this salad bowl and tongs… need we say more? We didn’t think so. 

Address: 81 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire

Baba Yaga

If you want art and art-based items that are wildly different, you need to check out Zach Johnsen's Baba Yaga. There are art books, prints, clothing, pins, and stickers waiting for you to browse. Wondering what we mean? Take a look at this incredible oceanscape

Address: 109 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire


White Mountain Canning Co.

Jams, jellies, pickles, vegetables, oh my! Yes, the White Mountain Canning Co. has everything you need to host a get together or have a flavor party all by yourself! Honestly, is there anyone who doesn’t want apple pie jam

Address: 69 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire


Little City Thrift Store

Sustainable, affordable, and vintage are three words that describe the Little City Thrift Store well. The selection will be completely fresh each time you visit and you’ll be helping the world by reusing items. Clothing, accessories, tea cups, and everything in between can be found here.

Address: 4 Porter Street, Littleton, New Hampshire
Website: Facebook Page


Revive 365

You’ll definitely want to make a stop at Revive 365 where they “...give outdated but classic furniture new life and a happy home.” Shop for beautifully refurbished pieces to spruce up your home or office. Everything is so unique and locally flipped.

Address: 365 Meadow Street, Littleton, New Hampshire

Beyond the spots we listed, there are places to stock your fridge with artisanal beers, lauded historic hospitality destinations, and of course, sweet stops like Chutters to visit. 

We hope to see you soon and wish you luck with decorating your home and making it as comfortable as possible. You deserve it!