Fun and Surprising Facts About Littleton, NH

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Littleton, New Hampshire receives a lot of press for Main Street – and honestly, it makes sense as it’s commonly known as the heart of the town. It’s also well-known as the place where the character Pollyanna was “born”.

Today though, we want to take the time to dive into some lesser-known and even, surprising facts you might not know about this special spot. 

Ready to learn? Great! We’re excited to teach!

If you’re a fan of stained glass…

You might be interested to know that Littleton’s First Congregational Church has a host of historic ones to enjoy. They were first installed in 1901 and 1902 along with other upgrades. They are absolutely beautiful and they subtly showcase history through their donors! For example, one of the windows featuring The Madonna was given by the Kilburn family. 

If you’re familiar with our local history, you likely know about The Kiburn brothers who made and distributed stereoscopic views from 1867 to 1909. The name of the donors of that window are one and the same! Stop by the church and enjoy all of the elegant windows. 


If you collect coins…

You simply need to know that one of America’s most revered currency-selling destinations is right here in Littleton! 

It began as a mail-order service back in 1945 (then known then as the Littleton Stamp & Coin Company) and has since moved and changed names to Littleton Coin. It serves a nationwide audience and is truly a wonder. 

Invest some time in this experience, we’re sure it will pay off!


If public art is a passion of yours…

In addition to the ever-popular Pollyanna statue in front of the library, there are two others of General Grant and Joan of Arc to experience! These figures are well worth a second (and third) look. 

If you’re a travel enthusiast…

It might surprise you to know that until the 1920s (before the railroad) there wasn’t an easy way to go from the North to the South in New Hampshire. Today, we have Interstate 93, but back then, the rails were big news for commerce and life in general! 


If you’re an artist…

Know that Littleton has been an inspiration destination for written and visual artists since – almost forever! Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson have penned words about the area’s appeal. Painters of acclaim including Thomas Cole, Asher Brown Durand, Thomas Hill, and Frederick Church were equally excited by the area and produced works that are still admired to this day. 

Speaking of this day, in modern Littleton, you can visit Bad Art at 35 Mill Street, Suite B, the Littleton Studio School at 21 Mill Street, the League of NH Craftsmen at 81 Main Street, or any of the privately-owned art studios in town if you are in need of an art fix!


If you love to ski…

You probably already know that Lahout’s Ski Shop is the oldest in the nation, but did you know that at one point it was inherited and run by a 12-year-old boy? It’s true! 

The founder and father Herbert Lahout, died tragically of appendicitis and left the business to his son Joe in 1935. From then on he ran the shop with his mother. It has since only grown in popularity alongside the industry. We are sure that Herbert would be very proud of how it’s evolved.

If you’re a history buff…

It’s possible that you might find it fun to walk to the site of Main Street’s oldest surviving commercial building. What is now 57 Main Street was originally built in 1833 as part of the “Brackett Block”. It was built of village hewn timber entirely pegged together in 1833 by the Brackett brothers, William and Aaron. They were traders in general merchandise. An upstairs hall hosted meetings, notably the first Catholic service in 1848. The original roofline was peaked and was redesigned in the 1890's in Italianate or Queen Anne styles to create a third floor. In the 1900's a grocery and hardware store prospered in this location until 1982 when Northern lights Music moved in! They redesigned the upper floors to accommodate six apartments and just recently repainted the trim of the building in their three color scheme to show off the elaborate detailing of the building.

Pro-tip: There are historic markers all over Littleton! Walk through the streets and learn wherever you go. 

If you’re looking for a place to summer (or spend some days this summer)…

Okay, so there aren’t too many people who spend the full summer anywhere anymore (most prefer several smaller trips), but in the past many people of high station chose Littleton as their premier destination or summer residence. 

One such person was U.S. Senator John W. Weeks who made a big push to save the area's wildlands.


If you want exercise to be more fun…

You can take a self-guided walking tour of our gorgeous little town with the aid of the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce’s brochure. It has 20 sites for you to visit! 

No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, you can find something perfect right here in Littleton. We look forward to seeing you soon!